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I've been pretty bad about updating my blog, and it's due to the fact that I've gotten a lot of work, in which I am not in the liberty of speaking about. All I can say that it's a lot of fun, and I'm relatively enjoying the process of the creativity in which I've been given. That being said, I've created nearly 10 characters, and they're all fun looking. I believe that the female characters are looking a lot better than the male characters. While I can't post them as of now, I believe I'll have that opportunity once I am given permission to do so.

I am also working on some personal stuff; a new 3d character, in which I haven't touched in weeks, due to the busy stuff.

On software news, check out Hexels. Marmoset is releasing some interesting and awesome software. I only discovered about it recently, by following the company. They're a small studio doing great big things; that's what it's all about.

I am uncertain if I'll be transferring my old posts to this new layout, as the way it's set up, it doesn't allow me to transition seamlessly. I'd have to post each individual post manually, and that will take a heck of a long time. I figured perhaps it's time to move on, and forget about the posts I've posted in the past. Maybe one day I'll transition it here. That'll do it for now.

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