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About me

I'm Isaac and I am a 3D Artist. I worked at Zynga Inc. for 5 years. During my time there (and its humble beginnings), I worked on YoVille. I was the first hired 3D Artist they had at the time. I eventually shifted back and forth between YoVille and FarmVille. I was the first 2D Flash animator for FarmVille. 


Eventually I went on to work on CityVille as a 3D Artist. That lead me to Los Angeles, where I started working on Empires & Allies. After that project, I worked on CoasterVille as a 3D Arist.


As an Artist, I enjoy wearing several different hats (roles) to achieve the ultimate goal; beautiful and appealing game art. I love games, I make games and I live by the games.


When I'm not creating games, I'm still gaming, by creating games on the side. I enjoy all mediums.


I'm also a retro video game enthusaist. Feel free to contact me in regards to anything.


I like to always start my designs on sketchbooks. While I enjoy digital art, I believe an artist needs to feel their tools; a pencil, a sketchbook and an idea are the main ingredients needed to be inspired. 


Once I have my idea sketched out, I'll scan it in and start giving it more life. The hardest part about a process is not envisioning it before it's completed. I always try to stay inspired by music, other artists, as well as friend and family.


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